Barbara Bort

A complete skin care program suitable for all types of skin, ideal for the most sensitive, dry, aged or dehydrated epidermis and those suffering from allergies.


protective shielding emulsion SPF 20

Long lasting and waterproof oil in water emulsion whose innovative formula is rich in natural and chemical sun filters anti UVA and UVB, jojoba oil, thyroxin and vitamin E by-products. ULTRA BLOCK is a powerful sunscreen that moisturizes and smoothes the epidermis. Thanks to the joint action of the sun filters, this emulsion prevents skin reddening and shelters it from the harmful sun radiations that are responsible for the decay of epidermis deep structures. The high concentration of vitamin E makes this product a powerful fighting agent against skin's drying up and prevents oxidative processes. This cream efficaciously shelters also the most sensitive facial zones such as eye contour, lips, nose and zones characterized by hyperpigmentation.