Barbara Bort

A specific line of skin care tailor-made for men.


with vitamins C and E

Very fresh and delicate gel emulsion, ideal for hydrating and soothing irritations or redness caused by shave. The innovative formulation is rich in bisabolol and panthenol with soothing, hydrating and protective properties that restore the natural balance of the skin after shaving, vitamin C, vitamin E and carnosine with antioxidant properties, and anti free radicals that ensure a powerful anti age action and create an antipollution barrier. The delicate fragrance of peppermint gives an immediate fresh sensation and energy, granting a decongestant anti inflammatory action on the epidermis.


with coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E

Creamy-gel emulsion rich in active principles as vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, lecithin, carnosine, and bioflavonoids with hydrating, rebalancing properties able to oppose free radicals and the oxidative processes that are responsible of the premature ageing of the skin. This treatment acts on the grain of the skin making it smoother and stronger, it maintains the best level of hydration and minimizes small wrinkles, visible effects of stress and weariness, while protecting the skin from pollution. It contains a sun filter that shelters the skin from the detrimental action of sun rays and consequent skin ageing.