A complete range of skin care with avant-garde formula containing
multivitamin properties and active plant principles. For all skin types.


A creamy cleansing milk suitable for even most sensitive subjects. Ideal for the daily cleansing of face and neck, it delicately cleanses, removing all traces of make up or impurities without drying the epidermis; restores firmness, vitality and freshness to the skin. Contains multivitamin complexes (vitamin C and E) with hydrating, protective and anti-wrinkle properties.

SIZE 200 ml 


Creamy delicate emulsion specially formulated for cleansing the most sensitive face area, such as eyes and lips, and removes even waterproof make up. Suitable for even most sensitive subjects, it is non-oily and leaves the skin soft and hydrated, limiting the risk of irritation, allergies and ageing thanks to active principles such as vitamin C and E anti-oxidants, hydrating panthenol, protective and decongestant, castor oil and soothing chamomile extracts.

SIZE 100 ml 


Fresh, delicate and alcohol free skin toner: it gently soothes reddening and irritations restoring the skin to firmness and luminosity. Suitable even for sensitive skin thanks to active plant properties (essential camomile oil and Hamamelis virginiana extracts). Immediately regenerating and refreshing, it revitalizes the skin and makes the skin more compact and luminous.

SIZE 200 ml 


A day cream with an innovative formula: the synergy between hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E and plant extracts creates a protective barrier against damaging atmospheric agents, pollution and smog, while reactivating and maintaining an optimal hydration level and assures a potent anti-wrinkle action.

SIZE 50 ml  


Innovative emulsion which recovers normal hydration of the epidermis during night. At night time, the skin is very receptive to toning and hydrating elements which can deeply penetrate the epidermis. Coenzyme Q10, vitamins C and E oppose the formation of free-radicals and oxidative processes that cause premature ageing, guaranteeing a potent anti-wrinkle action.

SIZE 50 ml 


This fluid is a concentrate of highly hydrating, vitamins (vitamin C and E) and active toning principles which are carried by liposomes, deeply penetrating the corneum layer, rebalancing its lipid composition. The face looks smooth, the grain of the skin is refined, levigated and luminous, the face contour defined. Ideal for an immediate face-lift effect, has a constant anti-ageing action and cancels signs of stress from the face.

SIZE 30 ml 


This product has been conceived for a periodic recovery of hydration thus especially suited to very dehydrated, fragile skins which recover tone, luminosity and balance. Signs of tiredness disappear, the face is reshaped.
APPLICATION: after cleaning and toning the face and neck, apply an homogeneous layer of the product avoiding eye area and lips. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove the product with a damp sponge. Rinse well with warm water and apply tonic and cream. Use once or twice a week.

SIZE 50 ml 


An extremely delicate emulsion which is immediately absorbed: thanks to multivitamin complexes (vitamin C and E) it hydrates and tones the epidermis of the eye contour restoring freshness, firmness and elasticity and assuring a continual anti-wrinkle action preventing and delaying the formation of expression lines and minimizing dark circles around the eye area. The eye area appears relaxed and younger.

SIZE 15 ml 


A cool, delicate gel formula ideal for restoring firmness and luminosity; thanks to the calendula officinalis extract it attenuates the signs of weariness, prevents and minimizes bags and circles around the eyes, smoothes small wrinkles. It gives an immediate lifting effect. The skin looks fresh and luminous.

SIZE 15 ml 

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