Long Protection Day Cream


Filler make up primer with a cool gel texture and a “rubbery” feel, silicone free and suitable for sensitive skin. Contains vitamin E anti-wrinkle and soft focus powders: it fills small wrinkles, minimizing and averting their onset. ILLUSIONIST conceals discolouring of the skin, small blemishes and reddening, corrects skin sheen and gives a matt, natural effect for a perfect skin. The face looks relaxed, smooth and younger, the skin appears compact, soft and radiant; the signs of stress and weariness disappear. Invisible, comfortable, hydrating and light, it does not obstruct the pores: it makes the application of make-up easier optimizing its hold and fights the first signs of old age.

APPLICATION: apply as a base on the whole face before applying foundation or on those zones which have imperfections, wrinkles etc.. Leave to dry and then complete make-up. It can also be used just to smooth the skin and lessen skin sheen which is typical of mixed or impure skin.

SIZE 15 ml 

Barbara Bort


Soft and velvety emulsion, rich in hydrating reflecting agents and vitamin E. It can be used as a luminous base for make-up, applied as a normal cream or mixed with a creamy foundation, or used alone to create particular light effects on face and body and hair too. It maintains the skin hydrated and protected for a long time.

SIZE 20 ml 

Long Protection Day Cream


Make up fixer with an innovative formulation: light, invisible and extremely comfortable, it provides a waterproof, heat resistant barrier that protects the skin from temperature change and pollution without drying it. PERFECTIONIST grants perfect make-up every day and is a must for special occasions and during hot months and it is a precious ally for mixed or greasy skins. It assures an exceptional hold and a perfect make-up all day long. Thanks to the practical vaporizer, PERFECTIONIST is sprayed onto the face, immediately fixing make-up without wetting.
APPLICATION: spray onto made-up face from a distance of about 20 cm. protecting the eyes and leaving to adhere perfectly for a few seconds.

SIZE 200 ml 

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