COUPERELLE is a complete specific skin care range for the care of very sensitive and delicate, mature, thin, fragile or dry skin with a microcirculation sensitive to atmospheric agents and with tendence towards couperose. The speciality of this range is that it contains vitamin C and E and plant extracts: deeply hydrating, lenitive, rebalances and repairs the skin and reconstructs a protective barrier, contrasting the formation of wrinkles and improving the micro-circulation. 

Gentile Cleanser


Cleansing milk especially created for cleansing delicate skin with couperose. It removes skin impurities in depth but acts mildly and respects the hydrolipidic skin surface and natural skin pH, leaving the skin purified, soft, elastic and full of energy. Contains vitamin C and E known for their hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties as well as ruscus and centella plant extracts which normalize the skin and stimulate micro-circulation.

SIZE 250 ml 

Gentile Tonic


Alcohol free non-irritating tonic lotion, soothing the skin and redness, rebalances and tones restoring vitality, freshness and energy. Ruscus plant extracts, malva and witch hazel stimulate the micro-circulation and give a healthy and luminous glow to the skin.

SIZE 250 ml 

Long Protection Day Cream


Extremely moisturizing, it protects delicate and sensitive skin from irritations and redness caused by atmospheric and environmental phenomena. Improves the micro-circulation and contrasts the formation of wrinkles. Contains vitamin C and E which have high hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties and ruscus and centella extract which stimulate the micro-circulation which revitalizes skin.

SIZE 50 ml 

Barbara Bort


This night cream is rich in protective and hydrating plant extracts and oils. Contains vitamin C and E which have hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties and ruscus and centella extracts: restores the skin to an optimal physiological condition, nourishes, soothes, refreshes and improves the micro-circulation avoiding the formation of wrinkles.

SIZE 50 ml 

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