Long Protection Day Cream


Extremely practical eye brow pencil, with plant waxes, castor oil, lecithin, vitamin C and E: has a semi-rigid texture which guarantees a neat, precise line which will not smudge. Thanks to the practical brush incorporated in the top it is ideal for filling-in and correcting the eye brow line or to redesign the brow.

SIZE 1.41 gm 

Barbara Bort


This is a professional kit made of modelling wax and toned powder to create perfect brows. The water resistant modelling wax contains antioxidant vitamin E and creates the base for the powder, for a long lasting hold and a luminous, light non-sticky finish. Used alone, sculpts and structures brows. The toned powder contains treated pigments, natural mica, atomized talcum powders and vitamin E: long lasting and unaltered, it adheres perfectly providing a matt effect, light and comfortable; it is easily applied and blended. PERFECT BROW PALETTE heightens, corrects, defines and sculpts the brows in one application. Easy to blend for a tailor-made result, provides natural or an intense look with an immediate release of colour.
APPLICATION: using the mini mascara brush, take some wax and apply following the natural line of the brow or correcting the natural line. With the little bristle brush take the powder and apply over the wax, making sure that it adheres by using the narrowest part of the brush first and by dabbing on for a natural effect. By using the larger part of the brush the effect will be more intense. The synergy between wax and powder gives a three-dimensional, natural and opaque effect.

SIZE 3.5 gm 

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