Long Protection Day Cream


Extremely delicate formula, containing aloe extract, plant waxes, vitamin C and E, ideal for the most sensitive eyes and those suffering from irritations and allergies. Its soft texture enables the line to be precise, or shaded at will, for a brilliant deep colour. 

SIZE 1.58 gm 

Barbara Bort


Brand new eye pencil where kajal and eye shadow blend together. The very delicate formula, rich in castor oil, plant waxes, lecithin, vitamin C and E, is suitable for the most sensitive eyes and subjects prone to irritations and allergies. The soft applicator enables correcting and blending, giving an intense look to the eyes and long lasting effect.

SIZE 1.37 gm 

Long Protection Day Cream


Extremely versatile eye pencil with a soft, light texture. Enriched with jojoba oil extracts, plant waxes, vitamin C and E. Ideal to both outline the eye contour and giving an intense look to eyes. This eye pencil can also be used as an eye shadow thanks to the soft sponge shader which allows blending colours.

SIZE 1.11 gm 

Barbara Bort


Exclusive automatic eye liner incorporated with a tiny pencil sharpener at the base. This pencil has passed an ophthalmological test and is suitable even for sensitive subjects prone to allergies and those wearing contact lenses thanks to the presence of plant oils with emollient properties that grant a better tolerability. Does not contain traditional preservers, while it is rich in natural waxes, spherical silica and vitamin E that ensure a simple, fast application and a precise line. The pencil is very soft and always ready to use, long lasting and never smears.

SIZE 0.35 gm 

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