Long Protection Day Cream


Shiny sparkling creamy lip gloss which gives the lips a full, luminous, look. Thanks to the new formula this lip gloss nourishes, hydrates and protects lips giving a new luminescent effect, pearly white or matt according to the hue. Contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for an anti-ageing action on the lips.

SIZE 6.5 ml 

Barbara Bort


A hydrating lip gloss with a super-brilliant effect: for perfect, luminous and soft lips. A lipstick in cream gel with a formula enriched with hydrating agents, castor oil and vitamin E. Protects and nourishes, countering ageing of the skin and gives a make-up which is natural or sophisticated.

SIZE 9 ml 

Long Protection Day Cream


Puts a stop to dry lips or changing colour: ROCK YOUR LIPS! is a lip gloss that can be applied like a lipstick and lasts all day long. Its creamy, light formula contains emollient oils, hydrating and protecting delicate lips. Special waxes, deriving from olive oil, give a deep, intense colour. Silicon resins give a flexible colour film with long lasting effect and a soft sensation for extreme comfort. It contains treated pigments for an immediate colour performance, natural mica and hydrating antioxidant, anti-age vitamin E. Easily applied and immediate comfort: the colour glides onto the lips and remains velvety soft and light all day long. This lipstick is non-sticky and remains on the lips giving immediate hydration, levigating, nourishing and protecting. Does not contain allergens or parabens.

APPLICATION: apply to lips and let dry; the colour remains perfect and long lasting without smudging or fading and is non-sticky. The gloss "disappears" on lips, leaving a sensation of comfort, lightness and a softness never felt before as well as an intense, perfect colour.

SIZE 9 ml  

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