Long Protection Day Cream


Hexagonal lip pencil with a creamy, non-greasy formulation, rich in jojoba oil extracts, coconut oil, and plant waxes: very versatile, it is ideal to outline the contour of the lips, and can be shaded as a lipstick giving a surprising make up.

SIZE 1.58 gm 

Barbara Bort


Automatic lip pencil with a practical pencil sharpener at the base: it easily outlines with precision lip contour and fixes the make up in a few seconds. It does not contain traditional preservers such as parabens and phenossiethanol; thanks to the mix of active principles, plant and synthetic waxes, and vitamin E, it becomes an essential ally for make up, assuring a neat perfect outline and the comfort of a soft creamy texture with perfect hold without smears. It can be used as a base for a long lasting make up.

SIZE 0.35 gm 

Long Protection Day Cream


It outlines lips, defines and corrects the shape; applied as a lipstick base it fixes the colour avoiding fading or smudging for long lasting make up. Its texture is soft, delicate, comfortable and extremely creamy, its application precise, quick and easy, its colour full, rich and deep and blends well. Perfume and paraben free, it contains vitamin E, lanolin, castor oil and jojoba oil anti-ageing, protective and moisturizing.

SIZE 1.3 gm 

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