Long Protection Day Cream


Hypoallergenic nail varnish with an ecological base: it can be easily applied and dries quickly assuring a deep, long lasting colour. Thanks to the cutting-edge formula it assures protection for the nails. Ideal to change your look any time you desire.

SIZE 4.5 ml 

Barbara Bort


Intense colour and a perfect manicure, quick and precise right from the first coat, thanks to the hypoallergenic formulation, rich in pearls and pigments and to the professional flat applicator that enables modulating colour at ease. The nail is covered by varnish with a film of colour which protects the nail from damage caused by atmospheric agents and knocks. Quick drying with an ecological base, does not flake and gives a brilliant long lasting colour for stronger, flexible nails.

SIZE 9 ml 

Long Protection Day Cream


A nail varnish that represents a real alternative to an UV manicure: you just apply it like a normal nail polish, in an easy, practical way thanks to the professional brush, it gives an intense homogeneous and incredibly brilliant colour giving a 3D effect, filling and designing the nail for a manicure with a gel effect. Thanks to the presence of a UV filter the manicure does not fade or turn yellow, the colour does not become matte and is long lasting. LIKE GEL enables you to realize a perfect, professional manicure, exceptionally long lasting, knock and flake resistant and there is a new colour any time you desire a change. Easily and quickly removed with a common solvent.
APPLICATION: apply two coats of coloured LIKE GEL varnish, wait until completely dry and then apply transparent LIKE GEL TOP COAT to seal the colour.

SIZE 10.8 ml 

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