Barbara Bort


This modelling body cream has been studied to fight slight skin blemishes. Thanks to its exclusive formula containing ivy and salvia officinalis extracts and caffeine this cream stimulates the reactivation of blood circulation and helps with liquid stagnation absorption. The innovative conveying system accelerates the absorption of active principles. The presence of lecithin and vitamin C and E encourages regeneration of skin tissue that recovers tone, elasticity and firmness, and ensures a powerful protective anti free-radical action.
APPLICATION: apply product on areas to be treated and delicately massage until completely absorbed. It is advised to use in cycles of treatment of at least two months with two applications daily.

SIZE 250 ml  

Gentile Tonic


A body mousse with a gluttonous scent of confectioner's cream, with innovative formula: perfect as an after-sun lotion and for treating skin dryness all year round, ideal for even the most sensitive and delicate skin. Light and easy to apply and is quickly absorbed, illuminating the skin with precious glitter. Extracts from desert watermelon and peppermint, together with vitamin E, calm redness and prevent rashes and reduce irritations, refresh and repair the skin after exposure to sun, wind, salty water, cold and air conditioned environments. Helps to avoid damage from sun rays and has an effective anti-age result which exalts and prolongs sun tan. Skin becomes younger, softer, perfectly hydrated and protected, more elastic and smoother.

SIZE 150 ml

Long Protection Day Cream


A light, comfortable, non-greasy sun emulsion with UV filtering system that protects the skin, even most sensitive and lightest skin from photo-aging, providing a uniform, golden tan in complete safety and without reddening. Contains carnosine and vitamin E to protect the skin from aging thus preventing wrinkles and sunspots, while the innovative PFPE creates a protective non-occlusive film on the skin that maintains hydration and is water resistant. Acetyl tyrosine speeds up the tanning process safely while jojoba oil hydrates the skin. Suitable even for very light sensitive skin and for children, ideal for first exposures to the sun or in case of very intense sun. Free from vaseline oil, paraffin, phenossiethanol, parabens, formaldehyde donors, isothiazolinones, EDTA, BHA, BHT.

SIZE 150 ml 

Barbara Bort


An emulsion which is hydrating and soothing, ideal for skin redness and dehydrated skin caused by sun exposure. Contains chamomile and calendula extracts with soothing anti-reddening properties, aloe vera gel and panthenol with hydrating protecting properties, phytosterols, carnosine and vitamin E that prevent the skin from aging and protecting from free radicals. The skin is soft, perfectly hydrated and elastic, the emulsion provides an immediate feeling of freshness and relief. Enhances and prolongs tanning. Does not contain vaseline oil, paraffin, phenossiethanol, parabens, formaldehyde donors, isothiazolinones, EDTA, BHA, BHT, PEG.

SIZE 150 ml 

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