PURA consists of a range of cosmetic products formulated for the treatment of mixed or oily skin. The sebum-normalising and astringent action of properties present in the PURA range, contrasts typical blemishes of oily skin while at the same time nourishing it. The face recovers tone and luminosity.


Refreshing cleansing fluid emulsion, suitable for the daily cleansing of mixed and oily skin. Thanks to the presence of active principles such as rosemary extracts and burdock, it removes dirt and sebum excess without stressing the skin but, at the same time, keeping the right level of moisture. It leaves an exceptional feeling of freshness, brightness and purity.

SIZE 250 ml 


Refreshing and lenitive this lotion carries out a natural rebalancing of the sebum secretions and, at the same time, acts as a toner, purifying and astringent. Contains astringent cucumber extract, burdock extracts and castor oil: the skin acquires tone, is more compact and luminous.

SIZE 250 ml 


A cool, light refreshing gel which is ideal to normalize mixed or greasy skin keeping a natural hydration without making the skin greasy. Rebalancing and lenitive, reduces superficial skin sheen. Contains burdock extracts, castor oil, distilled witch hazel astringent and lenitive.

SIZE 50 ml 


A delicate mask with a balancing action, eliminates skin impurities and rebalances sebum excess thanks to the absorbing and purifying action of white clay. Reduces skin sheen but stimulates and rebalances the natural biological functions giving a soft, smooth skin: contains vitamin C and E and equisetum extract which guarantee a protective anti-wrinkle action, macadamia oil which hydrates the skin while lecithin and glycerine have a repairing effect. The result is a renewed, normalized, hydrated and protected skin. The complexion shines with health.

APPLICATION: after cleaning the skin, spread on face and neck avoiding eye contour area and lips. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove with light circular movements, toning and hydrating. Use once a week to avoid excessively stressing the skin.

SIZE 50 ml 

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