BARBARA BORT has represented a point of reference for cosmetics “made in Italy” since 1966. This brand, which stems from a passion for color and beauty, is completely conceived and manufactured in Italy and it combines innovation, pleasure, performance and respect for the environment.

BARBARA BORT acts as a spearhead for new make-up aesthetics, giving the assurance of very high quality, applied with formulation and experimentation: we undertake to reduce use of synthetic raw materials as much as possible, supporting the choice of natural ingredients and ecologic formulations, we do not test, nor commission any testing, on animals.
All technologies employed are in the forefront of research, while strict chemical-physical and bacteriological controls, imposed on the entire production system, grant high quality of ingredients according to all the European INCI, American FDA and Japanese quality norms, paying extreme attention to environment and ecology. All products are hypoallergenic and ideal even for the most sensitive skin or those suffering from allergies.

Color, performance, fashion, innovation, beauty and pleasure: these are the key words of BARBARA BORT make up. The color is declined with endless tones and shades, combining pleasant textures and innovative formulations in order to satisfy any need; the exclusive packaging is an object of art design unparalleled and luxurious. Besides an exceedingly well constructed basic range, there are plenty of proposals that anticipate seasonal trends. Make-up becomes a real beauty treatment: BARBARA BORT gives the pleasure of feeling beautiful for any occasion.

BARBARA BORT has created a skin care program for every need: there are four proposals for the care of female skin (normal skin, mixed or oily skin, sensitive skin with couperose, sensitive skin tending to allergies) to which we add a small range of body creams and sun treatments. Exclusive formulations, top tolerability and pleasant rewarding textures: taking care of oneself has never been so fulfilling.

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