Long Protection Day Cream


A concealer in stick form, soft, hydrating and anti-wrinkle. Contains castor oil, mineral powders and plant waxes. Extremely practical and can be easily shaded and shaped, masks eye fatigue and small imperfections. Reduces signs of tiredness and gives a soft, hydrated, smooth, velvety complexion.

SIZE 4.5 ml 

Barbara Bort


Creamy concealer with a soft texture, light and hydrating which blends with the skin concealing perfectly and naturally. Contains light reflecting pigments and a colour concealer which reduces signs of tiredness and eye fatigue, corrects discolouring and shaded zones as well as filling in small wrinkles. Comfortable, anti-wrinkle, long lasting, easily shaded and shaped, the complexion is smooth, fresh and has a splendid, luminous look.

SIZE 7 ml  

Long Protection Day Cream


Creamy concealer kit in four shades, hydrating and comfortable, light and oil free. Rich in sphingolipids, phospholipids and vitamin E anti-wrinkle, it fights against pollution. Suitable for all skin types. Modular coverage, corrects discolouring, dark under-eye circles and blemishes smoothing the skin tone. Immediately provides a natural-looking finish and a perfect complexion, minimizing expression and fatigue lines. Thanks to its delicate formula and fluid texture, it creates a fast, elastic film of colour, easy to apply and shade which does not dry and does not occlude pores, avoiding anti-aesthetic wrinkles.

APPLICATION: BEIGE: camouflages under-eye circles and dark spots. Suitable for light complexions. LILAC: brightens dull complexions and conceals yellow spots.
GREEN: smoothes tell-tale signs of couperose and reddish dyschromia.
CAPPUCCINO: camouflages under-eye circles and blemishes, suitable for dark complexions.
The four shades can be mixed in order to suit any need.

SIZE 2.5 gm X 4 

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