Long Protection Day Cream


A compact, light powder, soft and comfortable with vitamin E and mineral powders. Easily applied, it does not dry the skin but protects from damaging atmospheric elements and ageing. Gives a matte complexion and fixes the make-up making it long lasting. It illuminates the face, smoothes the skin and removes imperfections. Indicated for revisiting make-up during the day.

SIZE 9 gm 

Barbara Bort


Very thin and impalpable loose powder: thanks to the innovative formula with mineral powders it lights up the face without drying or occluding the epidermis which remains soft and hydrated for a long time. A must to fix make up, smoothes the skin minimizing small imperfections. If applied after foundation mattifies the shiny areas of the face, fixes and assures a long lasting make-up.

SIZE 20 gm 

Long Protection Day Cream


Bi-colour powder with mineral powders, sunflower seed extract, vitamin E and ginseng extract: illuminates the face protecting it from drying and aggressive atmospheric agents and favours intense skin hydration. Gives a luminous complexion, smooth and levigated, minimizing wrinkles and small imperfections and has a constant anti free-radical action as well as reconstructing the epidermis.

SIZE 30 gm 

Barbara Bort


Baked powder with sweet almond oil, ideal for illuminating face and body: light and luminous, an impalpable texture, gives an immediate luminous complexion which looks radiant and smooth right from the start. Contains micro-reflective powders for a three-dimensional effect which amplifies a luminous and iridescent effect. Extremely comfortable, maintains an optimal level of skin hydration.

SIZE 12 gm 

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