Long Protection Day Cream


Ophthalmologic tested eye liner, free from parabens and phenossiethanol. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive subjects prone to allergies. Extremely soft, creamy, comfortable and delicate on the skin, contains castor oil, plant waxes, sweet almond oil, vitamin C and E and lecithin for a protective hydrating anti-wrinkle action. Easy and precise application. Redefines and outlines the eye with a perfect creamy deep outline that can be shaded at will. Long lasting and non-smearing for a deep magnetic glance. Retractable and accompanied with a practical sharpener in the base.

SIZE 0.35 gm 

Barbara Bort


An eye liner without parabens: outlines precisely for a deep colour performance and dries quickly. The presence of esters enables an easy, quick application and filming agents ensure full adherence of colour to skin, while the presence of karité butter, acacia from Senegal and larch extracts, vitamin C and E and silicone waxes ensure dermo-similarity of the products and extreme comfort. The perfect synergy between formulation and a pen-tip felt applicator grants a flawless, deep outline. The eye contour is outlined with precision, while the colour can be modulated at will.

SIZE 4 ml 

Long Protection Day Cream


A brand new eye liner: incredibly creamy and covers well, creating a perfect synergy with a brush applicator for simple, quick make-up with a precise, thin line. Stays perfectly thanks to the avant-guard formula respecting the very delicate area around the eyes.

SIZE 7 ml 

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